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Get First-Class Appliance Cleaning in London for Your Commercial Kitchen

Keep the tools of your trade in top condition. When your fridge, freezer, hob and oven are spotless you’ll be certain that the food produced from them will taste fresh and untainted and you’ll meet every hygiene standard expected of any industrial or commercial kitchen. Restaurant Cleaner‘s services for appliance cleaning in London can also reduce energy bills as well maintained appliances work more efficiently. Your staff will take pride in working in a kitchen that looks as good as your food smells. Providing pristine working conditions can increase morale, lower stress levels and contribute to a better quality end product. The best news is that all of this can be achieved for a lower price than you’d expect and we’ll do our work at times that won’t disrupt your routine.

Efficient Eco-Friendly Cleaning for all Kitchen Appliances

Our investment in dip tanks and other specialist cleaning equipment means that we can clean all appliances, to a high standard, rapidly. We rely on the cleansers in the tank to lift grease so there’s no need for harsh scrubbing with abrasive scourers which can damage metal. This means no risk of rust, no scouring marks, which in themselves can become grease traps and a longer life for your appliances. It all adds up to a great value service and you can increase your savings by combining your general appliance cleaning with another service such as structural cleaning in your kitchen or canopy filter cleaning. See what other local business owners say about Restaurant Cleaner‘s appliance cleaning in our customer reviews. Below you’ll find a few more details about what to expect:

  • Make your booking 24/7 online or over the phone
  • Arrange your cleaning for a time that won’t disrupt your own service
  • We’ll bring all the equipment and cleansers needed
  • Our cleaners are experienced, vetted, fully insured and trained in the use of our professional-grade equipment
  • All detergents used are environmentally friendly and non-toxic
  • Rapid cleaning and no waiting times, your appliances will be ready for use the moment we’re finished

Book Your Appliance Cleaning With Restaurant Cleaner London!

Call us any time on 020 3746 1700. Our customer care team are waiting right now to answer questions, provide your free, no-obligation quote and take your booking. Alternatively, use one of our two online contact routes. Get an instant reply to any query by typing directly into our chat box or set up a call from us at a time that suits you. Fill in our contact form and tell us when you’d like to hear from us, we’ll be in touch.
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