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Choose Restaurant Cleaner London for Affordable Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Get all the commercial kitchen cleaning services you’ll ever need from one professional, well-established cleaning company. The services that we offer at Restaurant Cleaner London have been specifically designed to meet the needs of the hospitality industry. We offer some of the most competitive prices you’ll find, and we even offer discounts on our base rates to regular or multi-service customers.

We’ll come to your restaurant, school, hospital or any other industrial kitchen to do the work you need at times that suit you. You’ll have the assurance of knowing that you can contact us 24/7 on the phone or via this site. Go to our customer reviews to see for yourself what other clients have to say about the difference we’ve made to the running of their business. Listed below you’ll find an introduction to our most commonly requested services. Follow the links to find more about any of them:

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning: Free up your staff to focus on food production and know that you’ve given them the best possible working environment.

Kitchen Deep Cleaning: A service that any industrial or commercial kitchen will benefit from occasionally. Deep cleaning is a popular choice for managers or owners who are taking on premises that past owners haven’t kept in the best order.

Extraction Cleaning: Keeping extraction systems clean will ensure that they run efficiently. This reduces noise and energy bills and lowers the stress levels in a busy kitchen by managing the temperature more effectively. Extraction cleaning also lowers fire risk and eliminates unpleasant, stale cooking odours.

Canopy Filter Cleaning: Remove grease, carbon build-up and dirt from canopy filters. Save money on energy and extend the lifespan of expensive equipment, The filters will work more efficiently and your kitchen will be a more comfortable working environment.

Ductwork Cleaning: The benefits of ductwork cleaning are similar to those of extraction cleaning and both should be done regularly to gain maximum benefit. We’ll bring along vacuum cleaners, pressurised air cleaners and specialist tools to make a great job of your duct cleaning and even sanitise the system using non-toxic professional grade cleansers.

Structural Cleaning: Ensure that your walls, floors and ceilings are as clean and hygienic as your cooking and catering equipment.

Appliance Cleaning: For your ovens, hobs, fridges, freezers or any other large kitchen appliances. We use dip tanks for rapid, no-scrub cleaning and non-toxic cleansers with no unpleasant lingering odours to mar the flavour of food.

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