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Get a Cleaner, Fresher and Safer Kitchen With Restaurant Cleaner's Ductwork Cleaning in London

Clean ducts means fresher air, an odour free kitchen, a reduction of fire risk and even lower electricity bills. Regular ductwork cleaning in your London restaurant is an essential part of your hygiene and safety regime. Restaurant Cleaner provides a high-technology, cost-effective service designed to meet the needs of any commercial or industrial kitchen.

This service is delivered by well trained professionals, using pressurised air to dislodge dirt and grime, a powerful vacuum cleaner to remove them and includes a complete sanitation of the whole ducting system. Our work is fully insured and we’ll ensure you meet all legal requirements regarding health and safety in your workplace. You’ll also be confident that you’ve maintained ductwork to the standards expected by your insurance company.

London Ductwork Cleaning as a Part of Your Hygiene Regime

Our duct cleaning services are just one of the range of commercial cleaning services Restaurant Cleaner delivers! Use it as a one-off and you’ll pay a very affordable rate, combine it with another task – maybe structural cleaning or other appliance cleaning – and you may also gain a reduction against our usual costs as a valued multi-service client.

See what others have to say about our work by checking out our customer reviews. Just so you know what to expect, you’ll find more details about the stages involved in your ductwork cleaning below:

  • We’ll clean the air return system
  • We’ll clean all fan blades and the motor too
  • We clean all duct lines using air pressure and vacuum cleaning
  • We sanitise the entire system using professional grade non-toxic cleansers
  • We generally recommend duct cleaning on an annual or two yearly basis, kitchens that are very extensively used may need more frequent duct cleaning

Book Clean Air and a Kitchen That Smells As Fresh as it Looks

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